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Music Theory and Composition


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions on use of these tools or for help finding the right strings for you!

Kalium Tension Calculator – Does what it says on the tin.

D’addario Tension Chart – As well as organised tension charts for many kinds of string, it contains string weights for manual calculation (for other scale lengths etc.) Does contain some obvious errors here and there last time I looked.

String Tension Pro – Absolutely excellent and very flexible step by step gauge calculator by D’addario with comparison options (for example designing sets based around the feel of 10-46 in standard).

STC String Tension Calculator – (118kb) Software application. Includes D’addario (many types) and Kalium string weights. Click here for info.

Liutaiomottola Tension Calculator – Manual calculator with string weight and frequency input. Useful for alternate frequencies or other string types not commonly served by calculators, such as D’addario classical strings using the string weights from the above PDF.

Note Frequencies – For use with the above manual calculator.

Bangzero – Web based tension application based on D’addario string weights.

Kalium Strings – Source for high quality guitar and bass strings with well designed sets, custom gauge options, and strings for extra long scale lengths and extended range bass tuning.

D’addario Strings – My brand of choice for other options outside of Kalium. Good options, good quality. Online web store for custom sets.

Savarez Strings – High quality classical guitar strings of many types, with options for extended range classical guitar.

Thomastik-Infeld Strings – Particularly good selection of interesting alternative strings for acoustic guitar. Check out this post for an example

Strings Direct – U.K. supplier with good prices and fast delivery.

Strings by Mail – My chosen U.S. supplier with great prices and a huge selection of products – my source for my custom classical guitar sets.


Winspear Picks – My own guitar picks.

Broderick Pick Clip – Thumb pick attachment good for hybrid picking or tapping.

Fred Kelly Bumblebee – My favoured adjustable thumb picks.

Spider Capo – Great single string capos.

Bob Kilgore’s Harmonic Capo – A capo for fretting harmonics. Fiddly, but fun!

EBow – Magnetic sustain device.

Moonshine Slides – Ceramic guitar slides


The Systematic Mixing Guide by Ermin Hamidovic – A must-read guide to mixing audio.

112dB Redline Reverb – A stunning reverb plugin I’d recommend anyone try.

Stillwell Audio – Excellent plugins.

Redwirez – Guitar cabinet impulse response collection containing every cab, mic, and mic position you could ever need in fantastic quality. Complete with Axe FX files.

Music Theory and Composition – The place to begin.

Zhea Erose – My theory teacher whom I highly recommend. Also an absolutely stunning musician/composer/producer.

Encyclopedia Heptatonia – The Complete Collection of 7-Tone Scales – My interactive encyclopedia of every single heptatonic scale possible in 12-tone tuning.

TuxGuitar – Free guitar tablature editor.

Sibelius – My chosen composition software. Incredibly powerful and flexible. The only one I am aware of that can tab for more than 8 strings.

Xenharmonic Wiki – The place to go for microtonal tuning information and examples.

Xenharmonic Facebook Group – Microtonal Facebook group.

Scala – Microtonal tuning tool for experimenting with alternate tuning systems and outputting tunings to synthesizers.

Mus2 – Interesting microtonal notation software.

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