Winspear Picks 3rd Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated the 3rd year of my company Winspear Picks. I can’t believe how fast it has gone! It’s been a very busy few months with lots of new projects.

Last week saw the launch of the storefront on an entirely new platform, with upgrades such as user accounts, card payment, discount notifications and product reviews and ratings. And plenty more to come!

The site launched with some interesting limited products that sold out in a matter of hours.


Engraved Stealth series


Bone and Horn picks


2mm Amber Standard picks

Those 2mm are some of a new regular offering – the Amber Standard will be available in various thicknesses on a roughly monthly basis. I’ve even been working on these precision tapered versions…


That bottom one has flexibility exclusively in the tip!

In a month or two you can also expect to see the launch of Stringdrop from the dudes at Wired Guitarist – A subscription service of their own new high quality, progressive tension string sets. Included with every drop will be one pick made by myself.


Amber Standards and other unique designs, such as this plain Bloodline Shiv with an Icegrip style texture, will be available exclusively through Wired Guitarist!

I also took delivery this week of a new CNC machine that I’ll be having a lot of fun with…


That’s all for now! Keep an eye out next month for another batch of Amber Standard picks that I expect will yet again sell out very fast.



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