Thinline Telecaster Parts Build – Blog Entry #1

Hey all! Getting well underway with a new project – a Thinline Telecaster parts build. Most of the specs and details are planned out but for now I’ll just show you what I’ve done so far.

Swamp ash/Walnut body found on eBay. It was made by Haynes Guitars in the UK.

smokey (1) smokey (2)

The white ivoroid binding was nice but didn’t fit the aesthetic I had planned. As it would be the only white part on the guitar, I decided to replace it with ebony. The old binding was carefully removed with a knife. It can be useful to score along the side too, but it was unnecessary here and seemed to do more harm than good trying to get the blade in next to the soft wood.

smokey (3) smokey (4)

The ebony is soaked and bent on a home made bending rig I pulled together with some copper pipe (I didn’t grab any pictures of this stage). It’s a tough material to work with, but I got there in the end with a touch of wood filler needed on the cutaway.

smokey (5) smokey (6)

With the binding cleaned up, back edges rounded, and the top and back sanded to 240 grit, the body is ready to be stained.

smokey (7) smokey (8)

In the meantime, I am working on some other components for the guitar.

Proposed pickguard design. The standard Telecaster guard was out, given the F hole, and I didn’t want to include the controls like the traditional Thinline guard. Here is a rough design merging a Thinline guard with the Cabronita design. This will be made of ash veneer on a black plastic backing.

smokey (1)

I’ve always loved the look of one piece string ferrule blocks, so whipped up this quick piece to accent the back of the guitar. These parts are made from the same composite used in my Winspear Picks Stealth range. An expensive choice for aesthetic accents, but it machines beautifully and has a wonderful finish.

smokey (9) smokey (10)

Today was my first time using these new 0.5mm end mills, which went much better than I was expecting! It’s great finally being able to get this fine resolution, and the cutter is small enough even for some nice texture hatching. This neck plate will look real nice after some scrubbing up!

smokey (11) smokey (12)

It may be a while before another update as I am pretty busy keeping up with pick orders and working to launch some new products next month – but stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Thinline Telecaster Parts Build – Blog Entry #1

    • Hi Justin,
      Technically it’s just a heavily chambered solid swamp ash body with a top – back & sides is used to refer to full hollowbody/acoustic builds where the back and sides are thin sheets of woods with the sides bent round. But correct on the woods, yup ! 🙂
      Sadly, much like this blog, the build hasn’t seen an update yet haha. I am completely swamped with work for my business. Though I have been doing some design work occasionally – but this does mean I’m most likely to start another new fully original build before finishing this one. But this body is safe and will see the light of day one day! Apologies that I have nothing to show yet. It will certainly be a lovely guitar one day.
      Thanks for checking it out


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